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Karaoke Set for Rent:
Karaoke KTV Set for Rent in KL

Extra available: Vintage Mic
Vintage Microphone for Rent in KL

The Most Complete Karaoke Set for Rent in KL

Get the best-in-class karaoke set for rent in Kuala Lumpur for your event or party, including:
– All the Latest and Classic English, Chinese, Malay and International Songs (French, German, Italien, Spanish)
– An iPad to Choose Your Songs From
– The Possibility to Use Youtube Songs if Your Favourite Track is Missing from our Catalog
– A Crystal Clear Sound System with Some Professional Reverb Effect
– A Monitor Speaker to Hear Yourself, Especially in Big Echoey Rooms
– A 40″ TV to Read The Lyrics
– Professional Wireless Mics

So go ahead and let us run the show for a night to remember with colleagues, family or friends. As an option, we are also renting vintage microphones to hype up the mood.

Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your project further and to start working together!

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