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On this page, you will find answers to frequently asked questions. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us directly.

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We already have a marketing agency, why should we choose Twist Creatives?
While traditional marketing agencies generally apply the one-size-fits-all approach, Twist Creatives provides solutions, which are fully customized to your business, location and corporate identity. Our young team full of ideas and energy always takes different approaches and offers you a choice of traditional and edgy solutions often ignored by established companies. This extra set of daring solutions focusing on untamed way to deliver your message makes the difference in today’s market and get you noticed. We are particularly knowledgeable about guerrilla marketing, new medias, social networking and word-of-mouth communication. Even if you already have a preferred agency, we would recommend you to work with us at least in complement to your current strategy and you will see the results by yourself.
We are a small company, do we really need to spend on branding and marketing?
Yes. Definitely. Today’s market is very crowded with competition from all over the world and if you don’t get noticed, you won’t get any business. At Twist Creatives, we help you to get a name and a visual identity which speaks to your customers and we help you to put your goods and services on the market in such a way that it sells. We help you defining your values and characters and improve your customers’ experience so that they come for more and bring their friends. During this time, you can fully focus on what you do best: manufacturing and selling.
I am an individual entrepreneur, how much budget do I need?
At Twist Creatives, we do with what we have. We are putting the same amount of effort and creativity into small-scale projects as in bigger ones. We have been working with individuals and big companies altogether. We believe that a smart branding/marketing campaign is way more effective than an expensive one. Our team of creatives is working on a panel of alternative solutions relying on buzz and word-of-mouth to get the best exposure at lesser cost. Just let us know how much is your budget and we will offer you a choice of solutions tailored to your means.
I am very busy during the day, can we discuss projects after office hours?
Anytime. When you choose a partner, you expect to be able to rely on him at any time. At Twist Creatives, we work flexi hours in order to be always available for our clients. Setting up a meeting on weekends or in the evening is not an issue. Some of our projects started around a glass of teh tarik and a plate of roti canai in the wee hours.
Do you work in Malaysia only?
Although we are based near Kuala Lumpur, we welcome customers from Asia and beyond. Nowadays, country borders don’t mean anything anymore so it doesn’t make any difference for us if you are from the room next door or from the other side of the earth. Lately, about half of our work is done online with companies from Europe and the US.