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PA System / Sound System Rental | Package A:

Quality Sound System for DJ, Live bands, Parties for rent in KL

PA System / Sound System Rental | Package B:

Good Sound System for Talks and Parties of up to 100 pax

PA System / Sound System Rental | Package C:

Budget Sound System for Talks and House Parties

PA System / Sound System Rental | Package D:

Electric or Battery-Powered Portable Speaker for Small Events

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Looking for a PA or sound system to rent around KL?

Get a professional system at the best price of the Klang Valley.

We are now renting out one of the best sound systems in Kuala Lumpur: our very high quality EV Live system can deliver up to 2.7 kW of crisp clear sound and deep bass.

This system is sufficient for private parties, birthday parties, weddings and corporate meetings of up to 300 people.

We are also renting smaller PA systems for concerts, parties, conferences, sport events, launching events, etc.

We also have an off-grid system that can operate on batteries which makes it very suitable for places in which you don’t have access to an electric power outlet like on a boat, on a desert island, on the beach or in the jungle.

Our sound systems come with a professional mixer and optional wireless microphones.

Our offer includes delivery, setup and management of the sound system by a qualified technician who will stay with you from the beginning to the end of your event.

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Sound System Packages:

PACKAGE A: For music intensive parties (up to 200 people /set)
– 2x Active Speakers / 1x Subwoofer (EV Live X, 2,700 watts).
– 1x Professional Mixer (Yamaha MG16XU or Pioneer DJM600)
– 2x UHF Wireless Microphones
– 2x Speaker Stands with Black Covers
– Necessary Cables

For events gathering more than 200 people, we can combine sets together and give you enough power to cater for up to 1,000 people.

PACKAGE B: For launching events, conferences and parties (up to 100 people)
– 2x Active Speakers (Behringer Eurolive B115MP3, 2,000 watts)
– 1x Professional Mixer (Yamaha MG10XU).
– 2x UHF Wireless Microphones
– 2x Speaker Stands with Black Covers
– Necessary Cables
PACKAGE C: For small parties (up to 50 people)
– 2x Passive Speakers 2,000-watt Amplifier (Behringer Eurolive B212XL + Europower EP2000).
– 1x Professional Mixer.
– 2x UHF Wireless Microphones
– 2x Speaker Stands with Black Covers
– Necessary Cables
PACKAGE D: For small parties (up to 30 people)
– 1x Portable Speaker (Dynamax, 15″, 350 watts)
– 2x VHF Wireless Microphones
– 1x Speaker Stand with Black Cover
– Functions on Electricity or on Battery (up to 6 hours)
– Necessary Cables

Sound Accessories:

Latest Model:
– 2x DJ Decks: Pioneer CDJ 2000 NEXUS 2
– 1x DJ Mixer: Pioneer DJM 900 NEXUS 2

Budget Model:
– 2x Pioneer CDJ 800 MKII
– 1x Pioneer DJM 600 Mixer

DJ Monitor Speakers:
– 2x KRK Rokit 6 Monitor speaker
– 2x Roland DS-7 Monitor speaker

Dvon 4 UHF Wireless Microphones
– 4 wireless mics with batteries.
– 4-channel UHF receiver

Yamaha VHF Wireless Microphones
– 2 wireless mics with batteries.
– 2-channel VHF receiver

Shure SM58 wired mic
– Comes with a mic stand

Lavalier Microphone
– Comes with clip and headset microphones
– Body-case UHF emitter
– 4-channel UHF received

Lighting Systems:


A) Jellyfish / Mushroom Effect (LED)
Nightsun. Covers a large area. Sound reactive. DMX-ready.

B) Triple Derby Effect (LED)
Nightsun. Covers a wide area. Sound reactive. DMX-ready.

C) Circus Effect (LED)
Chauvet. Scanner emulation. Sound reactive. DMX-ready.

D) 4 Heads Moonflower Effect (LED)
Motivity. 4 light sources. Sound reactive. DMX-ready.

E) Scanners (LED)
Nightsun. 60W. 2 pieces. DMX control. Fast moves.

F) Blue Laser
Big Dipper. High velocity.Sound reactive.

G) Par 36 (LED)
Nightsun. 2 pieces. Smooth color changing. DMX-ready.

H) 5m stripes (LED)
Smooth color changing. Can run on battery (50Rm extra charge)

A) Light stand
For up to 4 lights

B) Video projector InFocus.
2,500 ANSI.

Party Kits:

A) Boobies Drink Dispenser
Full size female mannequin dispensing drink from her tits. Pipe system inside the body with refillable bottle in the back.

B) Drinko set
Drinking game. Ideal as door animation

C) Rabbit costume
Full mascott costume from USA. Including 1 staff actor.

D) Santa costume
Full high-quality costume from USA.

E) Hentai costumes
Various sizes and colors.

Do you need anything else?

Projector-Rental-With-Screen- NEC
Video projectors & Screens
Backdrops & Banners
Lighting Systems
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